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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Today is:​​

  • National ​American Red Cross Founder's Day
  • National Strawberries & Cream Day - Strawberries and Cream forever!!
  • National Waitstaff Day - Make sure you TIP well as these folks don't get paid squat!!
  • National Memo Day - ​"Take a memo" is something you probably don't hear anymore!!

Born on this Day

Today in History - May 21


"I pity the fool!" Laurence Tureaud AKA Mr. T, has a birthday today (If you ask me, I'd tell him that he looks good!)


Not sure why she is such a big Dallas Cowboys' fan. I think she should root for the Cardinals myself. Regardless, Arianna Sanchez has a birthday today, turns 16!! Happy Birthday from Grandpa Steve!


Christopher Columbus dies


The Democratic Party holds its first national convention


Lawrence, Ks. is captured and sacked by pro-slavery forces


The American Red Cross is founded by Clara Barton


Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris, completing the first solo air crossing of the Atlantic


The first US ship, the S.S. Robin Moor, is sunk by a U-boat

Today's Pet Picture

SIAM SHADE - Why not

Why Nuts!!

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