If you own one of these, you can store it at our place. 

Note: All firearms must be unloaded and secured before bringing them into the store. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Vehicle Storage Prices:

If towing: $6.00 for tow vehicle/trailer PLUS additional $6.00 for primary vehicle

If you have legally acquired guns/ammo or valuables that you do not want to take across the border, we have an onsite safe to safely store these items as well. Rates do apply.

Gun Storage Prices (guns are placed in our inside store gun safe):


If you have stuff like this, you can rent a storage unit in our public storage from us.

Monthly Storage Unit Prices:

At The Why Not Travel Store, we are 30 mile to from the Mexican border, which makes us very convenient for people to drop their vehicles off to our storage facility while they ride to Rocky Point with friends. In our compound we can store many types of vehicles including RV Storage.

Reservations are recommended during peak holidays, so call the store to make reservations as we can fill up fast.

For your convenience, The Why Not Travel Store provides Storage Forms online. Just click on the buttons below, fill it out, and bring it to the store.

Storage Facilities