​​​​How to Enter Pet of the Month

​Want to take a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to our store? Take at least two photos of your pet(s) (dog, cat, parrot, horse, whatever...) at one of our many store settings (FounTruck, 'Greetings from Why' mural, our cactus garden, etc.) and send To:

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  • Your Name & Address (please indicate if we can use your name in the writeup or not. We will not use your address although we might indicate from where you are from.)
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  • What brought you down our way?
  • A short bio of your pet(s) e.g., how you came to being their parent, activities he/she likes to do

Every month, our staff will review submissions and if your pet is selected, somebody from the store will reach out to you. If your pet is not selected, fear not for your pet will be put back in the contest for the following month(s) contest.

Pet of the Month

                           Shelby, The Lion Hunter and The Why Not Travel Store’s April Pet of the Month

This is Shelby and she is a three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback and just about as smart as a Rhodes Scholar. Rhodesian Ridgebacks were first bred to chase lions for lion hunters and even though Arizona has mountain lions, not too many live in Tucson where Shelby lives, so she must be content with chasing the many lizards that can be found around there. Her parents and Shelby found each other in Texas when Shelby was only eight weeks old and flew with them to her new home in Tucson. She is a dream dog and best friend to her parents.

As mentioned, she is smart, working with dog trainers, and becoming a therapy dog with Pet Partners Association having passed her test as one of the youngest dogs to perform that feat. She now goes to the University of Arizona to help reduce the stress of students during exam week. Many students who are away from home have pets and so Shelby provides a missing component of their life not having a dog or cat around while they are away at school. Shelby also goes to the Cornerstone Hospital in Tucson and visits patients and hospital staff although probably not as much as she would like due to COVID, but once that is over, she’ll be back there. It’s not all work and education for Shelby though, because when she isn’t making others feel good, she gets some me-time as well, snacking out on watermelon (I am told a favorite for her as well as me) and traveling to Rocky Point. On the way, she gets to stop off at The Why Not Travel Store and meet more people and the staff. Probably to her dismay, we don’t have any lions around here either…just coyotes!!

Congratulations Shelby!! You have earned the honorary title of The Why Not Travel Store’s Pets of the Month.  Your humans will receive a $50 gift certificate to The Why Not Travel Store.​

Pet of the Month


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March 2021