What could be easier than stopping at the Why Not and filling out your Mexico Insurance form?? Well how about filling it out online??

If you have a car, truck, trailer, boat, you can now access ANA Seguros insurance online and get a quote immediately. (Note: by clicking on the link, you will be leaving the WNTS website and entering ANA Seguros website)

If you are trying to insure a motorhome though, you will need to still come to the store and have our qualified store staff assist you. Have a car, truck, trailer, or boat and rather talk to a human?? Stop on in, we can still get you going fast. You can also fill out the application and bring it with you to the store (See the form below or click here)

For your convenience, The Why Not Travel Store provides a "Pre-registration Form" for Mexico Insurance. Just click on the form below, print it out, fill in the information and bring it to the store along with your driver's license and vehicle papers. You can also email (whynottravelstore@outlook.com) or fax (520.387.6091) to the store. Just make sure you bring your Driver's License and Vehicle Registration(s).

The Why Not Travel Store also offers semi-annual and annual Mexico Insurance policies as well as semi-annual and annual driver’s license policies. The difference between these is that a semi-annual/annual policy is a policy for just one vehicle only, whereas driver’s license policies the insured policy holder can drive any vehicle and can have up to three drivers on their policy. There is no towing on a driver’s license policy.

Our policies are sold in 24 hour increments, excluding semi-annual/annual policies. If you will not be back across the border by the time issued on your policy, you will have to purchase an additional day. 

Should you have any questions on Mexico Insurance or need a quote, please contact the store.

​The Mexican government does not recognize U.S. insurance however there are a select few U.S. insurance companies who will cover all the way to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). Please check your insurance company for coverage. We sell Mexico Insurance for the many who are not covered.

The prices for Mexico insurance vary depending if you would like full coverage or liability only. Full coverage prices depend on the Kelly Blue Book value of your vehicle. 

All tow vehicles, boats, trailers must be declared at time of purchasing Mexico insurance. If you do not declare any of these your policy will be voided.

Don't forget to bring in your Driver's License and Vehicle Registration Papers

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