We have a full selection of Frito-Lay chips, dips, sunflower seeds and nuts, as well as chips from other vendors. 

Hillary Duff - Why Not

​More into jerky tastes? Well the Why Not has you covered with lots of different jerky flavors from Jack Link's as well as bulk jerky

Ok, but what if I'm draggin' a little??

But what if I'm hungry??

Hungry for breakfast, try our Tornados on the roller grill.

Lunch or Dinner time? The Why Not features a whole array of soups, hot dogs, corn dogs, Roller Bites, sandwiches, burritos and nachos!

And what time is it best time for Ice Cream? 
Anytime of course, and the Why Not has your favorite ice cream including Häägen-Dazs, Klondike, Drumsticks, Snickers, Toll House, and many more too numerous to mention from the US and Mexico.

Coffee of course! We have the pot on mornin' noon, and night.

We have regular roast, decaf, and on special occasions, flavored.

​We have different flavors of Cappuccino including French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

​Don't like your coffee black? Try some of our free flavors and half-and-half from the creamer machine

At the Why Not, we have all of your favorite Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks.

We serve Minute Maid Lemonade; Gold Peak Ice Tea; Barq's Root Beer; Dr. Pepper; Sprite; Coke and Diet Coke

Don't feel like a Coke? We have Siberian Chills to kick off the heat!

It's hot and I'm thirsty!

Let the Chips

fall where

they may!